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My Story

I would like to introduce myself by sharing a bit of my story with you. My ability has been known to me since I was five years young. As a member of a spiritually open family, it became evident to my parents I was seeing and hearing messages from beyond the physical realm. This continued and did not go away for a long time.


Years and years later, we had a medium come to our home for a group reading. During this event, she gave my parents clarity on my abilities, then asked to speak with me. She shared this information with me, gave me guidance and taught me how to protect myself from negative energies. Afterwards, I began to explore my ability, performing mediumship readings for friends and family members, and began learning how to read tarot and angel oracle cards. However, a short time after, I decided to put this part of my life aside to pursue other opportunities. Through this pursuit, nothing I had tried seemed to make me feel fulfilled.


I decided to schedule a mediumship reading for some much-needed guidance. During this reading, I was told that my mediumship abilities had been calling me. I was told when I was ready to open up again, my spirit guides would welcome me with open arms. After some deep thought, I decided to open up again, but to open up and take my mediumship abilities to the next level through multiple methods of training. The reading I had changed my life and brought me back to my authentic self. I strive to help guide others in the same way I was once guided.

During these readings, I seek to help my clients move forward in a more positive light by providing hope, healing, guidance, support, clarity, and peace. Being able to perform this practice for a living is something I am truly grateful for. They say to do something you are passionate about, you will never work a day in your life, and that is exactly how I feel. My work allows me to connect with so many beautiful souls on a daily basis, which provides me with a sense of fulfillment after each and every reading I perform.


There is nothing more beautiful than when clients receive messages from their loved ones, showing that life does carry on, that our loved ones never leave us, and that they have so many messages to share with us. It never gets old. It is an honour to be able to convey these heartfelt messages through these readings.


If you have any questions or business inquiries, please contact me via email.

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